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QuickScan – FAQ

QuickScan – Icon Scanner FAQ

What is QuickScan?
QuickScan is a utility that will scan whole directories or individual files for available icons. It can even make icons of current images. Once found, you can extract the whole icon for your use!

Extract the whole icon?
Yes, the WHOLE icon! Many icon extractors only grab the current DIB (device independant bit map). This means there could be 5 or more other icons located in this file, each with its own height and width and color depth. If you need a specific sized icon, it is usually better to rip the one that is the correct size. Artists generally do a better job of sizing an image thatn an image editing program.

Is this legal?
Well shucks, you would never rip and modify an icon that you don’t own would you? QuickScan will rip any icon it can find. You have to decide if the use you have in mind is ethical. Like any software, QuickScan can be used for both good and evil.

What if I want to search for a couple differnt icons at once?
Then do it. QuickScan uses threading. This means that while one search is going on, you can start another. How fast this works depends on the speed of your system, but it can handle the feat with no problem.

Hey, it finds icons in all sorts of files, what gives?
QuickScan doesn’t check a files extension before trying to extract icons. It just does every file in its way. This may make it seem like it takes longer than other scanners, but it is searching EVERY file. You will be suprised at what it finds.

Bitmaps are showing up with icons, why?
It is actually generating an icon from the bitmap. How good this looks depends on the size and colors of the bitmap to start with. It isn’t a bad way to quickly make a very small thumb nail type image of a larger graphic.

Great, how can I get a copy?
You can purchase a copy from our website. You will recieve an email within one business day with instructions on how to download and install the program. You can also opt to be mailed a CD of the software for a few dollars more. Check out the product information here

What gives, it won’t run!
We wrote QuickScan using the .NET framework. All windows operating systems that are up to date should have that installed already. If not, run your auto update. You can also download the current .NET framework here:

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