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Python.NET FAQ

Python.NET FAQ

What is Python.NET?
This package is designed to allow you to embed the Python scripting engine into an existing .NET application. For instance, I was working on a game engine in C# and wanted to be able to script certain features. Rather than writing my own language, I opted to use Python. It has a C API, but no direct support for being embedded into the .NET environment. This project wraps up much of the dirty work involved in working directly with the Python API and allows you a simpler interface between Python and your application.

It comes in source format?
Do you have visual studio .NET? I used the 2k3 version. When you download the source code and extract it to a folder, you can open the project files in vs .NET. You are then welcome to make changes, or simply compile the project. The resulting DLL file is the file you will link your existing project to. You can actually do all the steps manually without the aid of the visual studio environment, but you are on your own 😀

How do I use it in my projects?
Under the references section of you Solution Explorer (in visual studio .NET), you add a reference to the DLL file. Once this has been done, you can start writing code that utilizes the library. Refer to the tutorials section to see examples.

How much does this cost?
Nothing, as long as you use it within the terms of the license (you agreed to it when you downloaded the source code). You can re-use the library in your own project free of charge, as long as you don’t make money off the library directly (as per terms of the license). Feel free to make changes and enhancements to meet your needs. Also feel free to submit changes to me for inclusion in the main code branch.

What if I get stuck?
Check out the forums for answers. Post your questions here. I or others like me may have enough time and inclination to help you out. Please DO NOT call or email me directly unless you are willing to pay my going rate for support. I would love to help everyone, but unfortunatly there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

What if it doesn’t work?
That is really too bad. Feel free to figure it out and let me know the problem and solution via posts on this forum. If you are really stuck, post your questions here and hopefully some one will get back to you. Remember, that this is free software, be patient and don’t expect to get instant support without paying for it.

How often do you update this project?
Well, there really is no schedule. It will probly be driven by the current needs of the projects I am utilizing it in. If I never need a feature, it isn’t likely I will add it. You are welcome to implement the change and submit it for inclusion into the main branch though.

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