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Missing Websites – pecl 4 win

Looks like the website is down again. It is nice that when the system is rebuilding, it disables the entire website with no ability to get past binaries.

Additionally, I find it a bit crazy that all these modules aren’t distributed in binary format. The code is easy to find, but often binaries of open source projects are nowhere to be found. Why? They say just compile it. Except you have to have a whole suite of additional make tools plus dependencies on your windows system. That is a lot of work just to get a dll like XDebug for your server. And by the way, I am a linux/unix guy and I have multiple versions of visual studio and other compilers on my work systems, and yet the windows projects most often still find a reason not to compile properly. Geeks, get over yourselves, if you are going to work on a windows compatible project, just post a binary so we can all get on with our lives. We all have better things to do than spend hours fiddling with your fragile make system.

Now to my point. is down yet again. Use the wayback machine to get past versions of things. I got XDebug at:


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