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Change for change sake – Console is now Admin for MSTSC

noscripta href= a car bulgaria/a/noscriptthose who use MSTSC (Remote Desktop Client), you may want to know that as of Vista Service pack 1, XP Service Pack 3, and Windows 2008, you need to replace the -console switch with -admin.

What does -console do?
Console is a parameter that you give to MSTSC to tell it to connect to the main desktop when logging into your server via remote desktop. It is very useful when you want to see the same desktop that you would see when you are sitting in front of the computer physically. I have used it repeatedly for years to ensure that I see the same apps that were open when I am away.

I get frustrated when technologies that are several years old are changed for no apparent reason. Switching to the -admin flag serves no real purpose but to force people to spend time googling for answers for problems that have been solved for years. Quit making arbitrary changes for the sake of making changes. There is no reason you have to constantly break things in the name of progress. If you have to reinvent the wheel again, at least use the same damn lug wrench. We computer professional who have to use your software are tired of watching things that used to work break.

Just so no one thinks I am just picking on Microsoft, switching to Linux doesn’t help. This is a geek wide issue, though MS has been especially bad the last few years.

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